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When we opened our doors, now twenty years ago, we knew the way to deliver successful outcomes to our clients was through the partnerships we established and maintained. Our partnership with Red Hat started in 2015 and we quickly became an Advanced Business Partner, being recognised for our unique capability in automation, security patching and containerisation.

Red Hat has a broad portfolio of products. Advent One is an organisation that prides itself on strong technical skills so we have focussed on three key areas:

  • Automation
  • Helping RHEL environments to be more secure through patching
  • Container provisioning and management
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advent one & red hat

Red Hat technologies bring together business applications and IT infrastructure, with built-in transparency and flexibility, giving customer the tools to modernise their business models.

Advent One have a proven track record working with clients and partners to rapidly get these solutions into production with baked in high availability, security, data protection, monitoring, metrics and automated IT operations.

Automate your operations, processes
and deployments and achieve
maximum success

Customer support teams are either static or declining however customer workloads are increasing. To address this challenge, Advent One uses Ansible. As automation experts, we believe that using automation technology frees up IT administrators to focus on efforts that deliver more value to the business by spending time on more important tasks. Further, we use technology to automate processes and security patching to ensure our customers environments are as fast, scalable and secure as possible.


Secure and protect your systems, decreasing time exposed to vulnerabilities

As IT environments become more sophisticated, complexity and risk increase with reduced visibility and control, making manual security and compliance monitoring increasingly difficult. Advent One partner with Red Hat and use their satellite technology to automate patching, meaning you can automatically scan networks to determine which devices need patching. This is done without you even realising, and before there is an opportunity for any threats to impact or infiltrate your systems.


Accelerate application deployment and meet your customers’ needs quickly

As future versions of software evolve, a large proportion will be moving towards container-based solutions. If customers wish to upgrade to the latest versions of software, they will need to implement some form of container management software. This also includes off the shelf software from companies like IBM. Advent One partner with Red Hat to deliver Open Shift technology to address the provisioning and management challenge of hundreds if not thousands of containers that make up an application.


Tomago Aluminium

“The partnership with Advent One and Red Hat is seamless, and the solutions fit together perfectly. We’re confident that we have a resilient, stable system and would recommend it to anyone,” said Dennis Moncrieff, IT Superintendent at Tomago Aluminium. “Our collaboration with Advent One helped us get our IT environment how we want it.

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